Abstract Deconstruction

Abstract Deconstruction represents a positive, lighter state of mind through the meticulous selection and generous use of colour. The series is a reference to the deconstructed nature of the works themselves and manner in which the form of subject (human or other) is presented to the viewer. It contains elements of Cubism, Surrealism, and Abstract Expressionism, taking the viewer on a pilgrimage where the ultimate destination is self-discovery.

The series represents an opportunity for viewers to interpret the individual works through their own visual references and mental constructs. As such, each work is titled by number in order to prevent the imposition of the artist’s own artistic interpretation onto the viewer’s experience, but at the same, uses familiar shapes and compositions that can guide the viewer towards certain visual allusions. The use of bold colors mixed with round shapes & strict lines creates movement and action within each work that can take the viewer from a beginning, middle and end.

The artist presents the viewer with images imbued with lush visual cues that invoke sultry, enigmatic references, whether real or imagined. Each work is an interplay between the surreal and metaphysical in order to create a space where new elements can be shaped and new ideas experienced and absorbed by the viewer. The series is inviting, warm, and comforting, coaxing viewers to entertain new ideas and new ways of interpreting past experiences and relationships, as well as future dreams and ambitions.

As with most of the artist’s works, there are elements of sensuality, intrigue, and playfulness between colour, subject and shape, which converge to entice the viewer into the exploration of human expression through relations with “other”—whether it is other humans, thoughts, works, emotions, or aspirations. The series is a reminder that human expression is continually evolving, but at the same time is also a culmination of past generations and eras.

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