Inter Face

Inter Face is a series of works representing the artist’s emotional state during its creation, darker and more solemn than other collections. The artist underwent several spiritual states throughout the development of the series, from its conception and gestation, until finally its birth. The entire series is an ode to human emotion and the almost indiscernible changes in the human form when confronted with these sentiments.
Once again Piacente achieves a juxtaposition between light and dark where feminine beauty and vibrant colours are positioned against stoic expression and dark backdrops creating haunting imagery, reminiscent of victim photos captured in a dream.

Every title within the series characterizes the emotions evoked, even provoked by the works themselves, creating brooding compositions emblematic of the artist’s emotional and spiritual state throughout the creation of the series. The series focuses on female subjects caught in an poignant state of perplexities and convolution as they succumb to their current condition. The series contains a high degree of resignation against external forces that are responsible for the subject’s fate; they almost seem to be pleading with the viewer so that their story is at least acknowledged if not heard.

Inter Face alludes to a darker subject matter that both draws the viewer in while also causing them to recoil as they are confronted with the haunting images, finding comfort in their familiar and yet disturbing expressions. The portraits pierce through the human condition to reach the viewer and invoke their plights so that camaraderie is formed between the subject observing and the object being observed. The series creates a plain of existence where different elements and sometimes opposing levels of experience converge and transform one another to create a new alliance between the subject, viewer and the artist and their work.

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